Saving money on Laptop Purchase

Saving money on Laptop Purchase

Now we are in the digital world and almost everything today is handled digitally (Mobile device), be it banking, shopping, other financial services, etc.

A laptop is an essential gadget to our day to day life whether you’re a student or a professional or just internet surfing.

Almost all the computers except Apple sold these days come with Windows preinstalled on them. No doubt Windows OS is best and also you have to pay a license for this.

Laptop with Windows

  • Windows 10 Home price is ₹ 10,000.
  • You need to install MS office. Office Home & Student 2019 price is ₹ 7,799.
  • You need to install Antivirus software, McAfee® Total Protection price is ₹ 999.00/year or Avast Ultimate PC Suite price is ₹ 1,239/year

You can buy a windows laptop and you can use LibreOffice as an alternative to MS office but you need to install a premium version of Antivirus software because a lot of viruses written for windows because it is widely used and viruses get easily affect your system while using a USB drive or internet downloads.

If you are plan to buy a laptop and you don’t always have to go through Windows alternately you can buy a Laptop with

  • preinstalled Linux OS
  • DOS and then install the Linux OS

Laptop with Linux OS

  • Linux is an Open Source operating system and you don’t pay any money for this.
  • Lots of Open Source applications are available for Linux OS like Windows or Apple applications.
  • You don’t need to install antivirus software because viruses that affect Linux are still very rare, experts say Linux is not used widely and no one writes viruses for it and also Linux is intrinsically more secure.

So that you save money, Windows OS 10,000 + MS Office 7,799 + Antivirus 999 = 18798

If you are a student or IT professional, you can use this amount for Hardware like RAM, SSD Disk or graphics card in the initial purchase because system performance is based on what hardware is used.

Download the Linux OS

Download Linux |

Open-source application in Linux


I assure you that you will get comfortable using Linux OS with open source application over a period and save money for a lifetime.

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