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This is Ramkumar Rose

I am a Senior Software Test Engineer for a reputed organization in Chennai and I completed my Master of Science in Information Technology from Madras University.

As a person, I am ambitious, independent and strong-willed with a balanced head over my shoulders. While I work hard towards building a successful career, I am equally devoted to my family and care deeply for my loved ones. I am a simple, practical person and live life with a positive attitude. My beliefs are both modern and traditional.

Time away from work is spent on catching up with friends, listening to Ilayaraja and AR Rahman, watching romantic and action films, relishing South Indian cuisine and the occasional Chinese food. I enjoy travelling with friends.

I had chance to learn few things about Mutual funds, Stocks, other financial securities, software automation testing and affiliate marketing. Here is the medium to share my experience and what I have tried. So here you will get some useful contents related to savings, reviews and coupons. I believe this site will help to save your money and I am happy if I can contribute to it!

Contact me if you want to build a website for your business in online presence.

Thank you for visiting my website!
Ramkumar Rose
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