Boat Lifestyle Brand

Boat Lifestyle – Earwear Brand Boat Lifestyle – An Indian consumer electronic company started in 2016 and selling budget headphones and phone accessories. Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta are Co-Founders and opened offices in Delhi and Mumbai with a 25 member team. Now It has World’s 5th Largest Smart Watches Brand. India’s No. 1 Earwear … Read more

Tata Group History

Tata Group 150 years History and its Business You know that “TATA Group” is the oldest group in India, i.e., 150 years of journey (1868-2018) and TATA Group have handled almost all sectors. i.e., TCS, Tata Motor, Tata Steel, Tata Power and many other sectors. In this article, you know some information about the TATA … Read more

Saving money on Laptop Purchase

Saving money on Laptop Purchase Now we are in the digital world and almost everything today is handled digitally (Mobile device), be it banking, shopping, other financial services, etc. A laptop is an essential gadget to our day to day life whether you’re a student or a professional or just internet surfing. Almost all the … Read more